Do E-Cigarettes Actually Help You Quit?

Smoking is a difficult habit to stop on will power alone. As a result, many smokers who want to quit turn to all sorts of techniques. E-cigarettes (or e-cigs) are the most popular technique currently. An e-cigarette is simply a cigarette shaped device that contains a nicotine-based liquid which is vaporized and inhaled to offer a stimulating experience that resembles that of smoking a typical tobacco cigarette.

In essence, an e-cigarette is supposed to give you the exact same experience of smoking a typical cigarette minus the harmful effects of smoking tobacco i.e. lung cancer among other diseases like emphysema. Although e-cigarettes appear to be better alternatives to tobacco smoking, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the fact that e-cigarettes can help you quit smoking. The effectiveness of e-cigarettes in regards to helping smokers quit has been embraced and opposed in equal measure.

Many e-cigarette manufacturers claim their e-cigarettes have helped people quit smoking, however, is this true? A lot of people have also been on record claiming e-cigarettes have helped them quit smoking. Are these claims valid or they are simply marketing strategies by e-cigarette manufacturers? Do e-cigarettes actually help you quit?

To help you answer these questions here’s what you need to know about e-cigarettes

E-cigs can give you the same experience as smoking a typical cigarette. If you have problems quitting smoking because you like the whole experience of smoking, e-cigs are a great alternative because they contain the most important ingredient in conventional cigarettes i.e. the nicotine and they also resemble typical cigarettes in every respect.
In essence, shifting to an e-cigarette doesn’t make smoking seem like such a bad idea since it eliminates all the risks associated with tobacco smoking.

What about the nicotine?

It’s worth noting that many people have problems quitting smoking because of nicotine addiction. E-cigarettes contain e-liquid which is simply nicotine, so addiction risks are still present. Some e-cigarette manufacturers, however, claim they don’t actually use nicotine in their e-liquid by instead use harmless liquids that offer the same high as nicotine. In such a case, the effectiveness and safety of an e-cigarette is dependent on the type of e-liquid used.

The effectiveness of an e-cigarette is also dictated by the nicotine strength used. E-cigarettes come in different nicotine strengths. The most effective nicotine strength is one that replicates a typical smoking experience. Personal tastes and preferences must, however, be taken into account since different people may prefer different nicotine strengths hence their preference for different cigarette brands.

E-cigarette manufacturer

The effectiveness of e-cigarettes also depends on the e-cigarette manufacturer in question. Since the e-cigarette industry is relatively new and became popular a few years ago, many unscrupulous e cig manufacturers have come up in an effort to cash in on a profitable trend. Such manufacturers are bound to compromise the quality of the e-cigs they produce which in turn compromises the effectiveness of the e-cigs produced. Considering the industry isn’t strictly regulated currently, it’s hard to say that all e-cigs are effective in helping people quit smoking given the fact that it’s hard to know what chemicals have been used to make every single e-cig in the market today.

What does the science say?

Although the concept of e-cigarettes has been applauded by many, research is still ongoing on the effectiveness of e-cigarettes. Scientists are yet to prove that e-cigs can help tobacco smokers quit. Factors such as poor regulation as well as the relatively new nature of the industry are making it extremely hard to track new information and conduct conclusive studies.


It’s not clear whether e-cigarettes actually help you quit. It’s, however, accurate to say that e-cigarettes reduce the health risks associated with smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes because they don’t contain tobacco which introduces severe health risks when smoked. It might, therefore, be worth trying to switch to e-cigs, however, you should be aware of the fact that e-cigs have risks too. For instance, the safety of an e-cig depends on the manufacturer. You should buy e-cigs from reputable manufacturers only otherwise you stand to expose yourself to new health risks.

It is also worth noting that you can quit smoking on volition as well as with the help of medical health practitioners like therapists and counselors.

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