Fare splitting: The Best Way to Save Money on Train Tickets

Fare splitting: The Best Way to Save Money on Train Tickets

One of the best ways of minimizing costs and avoiding over dependence on short term loans like payday loans, overdrafts, etc., is to cut transport costs. Instead of using your car, you can use public transport to enjoy some significant monthly savings. You can enjoy further savings by being strategic on how you spend on public transportation. Fare splitting is a smart way to enjoy massive savings on train tickets. Here’s how it works;

What is fare splitting?

Train passengers can save a lot of money they would otherwise pay on sky-high rail fares by simply splitting tickets for an entire journey in a hack dubbed “fare splitting”. Fare splitting simply refers to when; a passenger buys train tickets for different station stops along his/her journey.

Fare splitting has the potential to save you a lot of money because different train companies have different prices for different parts of a trip. This makes fare splitting extremely profitable on long trips that are serviced by many train providers.

Fare splitting is incredibly easy today given the presence of many fare splitting tools online that help train passengers get the best savings for any given journey. The most popular tools/websites for people interested in fare splitting in the UK include; ticketclever.com, splityourticket.co.uk, and trainsplit.com.

Estimated savings via fare splitting

In case you want to know how much money you can save by fare splitting, trainsplit.com promises a £48.36 savings for a train journey between Manchester Piccadilly and London Euston if you choose to travel in the morning on 10th November 2018. Passengers travelling to Newcastle from Manchester Victoria on 26th October 2018, in the evening, could enjoy a £24.48 saving using railcard. Passengers travelling to Northallerton from London Kings Cross also stand to enjoy a £25.02 savings by fare splitting on 9th November 2018, in the morning.

According to MoneySavingsExpert.com Consumer Expert, Megan French, fare splitting is an excellent way for train passengers to save. In her statement to Express.co.uk, French recommends train passengers to buy multiple tickets as opposed to a single ticket for a train journey. According to French, train splitting can offer savings amounting to 50% in some cases even when you are travelling on the same train, same seat.

A great example would be travelling the Derby – Southampton airport route. If a train passenger buys five separate tickets for the journey as opposed to one ticket, the journey would cost £46 instead of £83. Fare splitting is acceptable provided the train stops at the stations a passenger is buying tickets for. Another important consideration is the time restrictions that may be on a ticket. It may take more time reaching your destination using this hack. You could also miss a train in between stations if you aren’t cautious.

Some fare splitting sites like Trainsplit also charge you a small fee (like 10% of your savings); however, the fee is justified since you are guaranteed savings.

Fare splitting is legal under National Rail Conditions of Travel, the contractual agreement that stipulates consumer rights and responsibilities when using Britain’s National Rail Network.


The most notable catch when fare splitting is; you must make sure the train you choose stops at the stations highlighted on your tickets instead of simply passing through them. In such a case, you just need to stay on the train although it would stop at the particular stations.

Fare splitting is bound to save you a lot of money if you travel frequently over long distances. Even if you travel frequently over a short distance, your savings can add up to a significant amount. Many people save money using this hack. Booking in advance can go a long way to adding on your savings, getting you the best train travel deals imaginable.

With the UK household debt higher now than any other time in history, the importance of capitalising on any saving avenue can’t be overlooked. According to a recent NAO (National Audit Office) report, approximately 8.3 million Britons can’t pay off their household bills. This has pushed many to over depend on payday loans among other short-term debt forms for survival. Fare splitting can offer you some much-needed relief in a time characterised by stagnant wage growth and high cost of living.

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