How Can You Use Technology To Save Money?

To be able to reduce your over-reliance on short term loans such as payday loans, you need to save enough money first. Fortunately, there are high-tech methods you can use to boost your saving efforts. You can save a lot of money using technology. Here’s what you need to do;

1. Shop online

You can save lots of money if you choose to do most or even all your shopping online. The internet is full of amazing shopping deals. There are very many online shops in the UK that offer discounts that are impossible to get offline. You can use discount coupons to get even better deals on anything you can think off from food to household appliances among other types of household goods. It is also possible to buy clothes online, cars and cosmetics, name it!

Deals aside, online shopping offers unmatched convenience which also attracts savings. When you do your shopping at the comfort of your home, you save on transport costs. You also save precious time which can be channeled to doing more important things. You also enjoy other saving benefits such as free shipping when you buy from most online stores.

2. Use budgeting apps

You can also use budgeting applications to help you in your saving efforts. There are very many free budgeting apps available today. You can install such apps in your Smartphone, tablet or laptop and use them to prepare a budget, track your spending, etc. Many people have problems saving because they find it hard preparing a budget and monitoring their expenditure. Budgeting apps do all the work for you.
All you need is to make a few inputs i.e. your income and expenditures to get budget suggestions. The apps let you know how much you should be saving depending on your income and expenses. You can also set saving goals to get suggestions on what you should do to achieve them. There are also budgeting apps that can be synced with your credit cards to track spending and alert you electronically when you start overspending. It all depends on your preferences. You just need to conduct a quick search online to get the perfect budgeting app for you.

3. Use VoIP services

You can avoid phone bills by using VoIP services such as Skype and Google Hangouts. VoIP services are online services which allow you to make calls via an internet connection. Most VoIP services are free. They are also better than regular phone calls since you get to see the person you are talking with live. As long as you have a Smartphone, there is absolutely no reason why you should be paying to call your friends and family members. Use these services and enjoy huge saving every month.

4. Use free online text messaging services

There are also many free text messaging services online you can use to send texts for free. In this time and age, you shouldn’t be paying for text messages as well. You can download apps such as Textfree and WhatsApp and use VoIP services on your mobile phone to enjoy free telecommunication services.

5. Entertain yourself at home with services such as Netflix

Many people spend a lot of money going to the theatres to watch movies. If that sounds like you, it is possible to save a lot of money by using services like Netflix. You could also choose services like Netflix as alternative entertainment instead of having to leave your house. For a few pounds monthly, you can rent as many movies as you like with Netflix and watch them all at the comfort of your living room. You can also stream TV shows, and films live with Netflix. There’s a lot more entertainment online. For instance, you can also play games online instead of having to indulge in expensive entertainment outdoors.

6. Hold meetings online

This is another excellent way of saving on travel/meeting costs today. You don’t have to travel to meet people personally today. You can do a video conference when holding meetings with people who are far away from you. Doing this can help you save thousands of pounds in travel costs especially if your job involves a lot of traveling.


Technology offers huge cost saving benefits. By implementing the above tips into your day-to-day life, you are bound to save a lot of money. Don’t spend any money unless its necessary. Shop online, use budgeting apps, VoIP services, free text services, online entertainment services and video conferencing and watch yourself save a significant amount of money monthly and use emergency loans like payday loans when they are absolutely necessary.

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