Money and Festivities: Top 6 Christmas Money Tips


Christmas is a time for celebrations. It’s time to spend quality time with family and friends. But celebrations need financing so, how do you make sure your finances stay in check over Christmas and the rest of the December holiday? If you want to enjoy your Christmas without overspending, here’s what you need to do;

1. Plan thoroughly: This tip is very popular but commonly overlooked. You must plan thoroughly for the festivities otherwise, you will end up overspending or taking short term loans like payday loans to fund unforeseen expenses. Although there is nothing wrong with taking a payday loan to cover unexpected expenses during the festive season, some careful planning goes a long way. When you plan thoroughly for your holiday, you set aside money for everything including emergency expenses. Planning puts you in the best financial position possible. For instance, you are able to find the best ways of spending what you have. In most cases, you’ll have enough money to enjoy your festivities if you have a solid plan.

2. Shop online, save money: The internet is by far the best place to find Christmas gift deals. Online shopping has many benefits from offering the best variety to the best prices possible. Online shopping is also convenient. You don’t have to spend money traveling from one store to another. In a nutshell, shopping for Christmas gifts online is better in every sense including saving. You may see great Christmas deals in stores around you, however, the best deals are online. 

3. Takes advantage of popular Christmas gift hacks: One of the most common ways people spend money during Christmas is; buying Christmas gifts. If you’re not cautious, you could end up overspending on Christmas gifts. To avoid this, you can take advantage of Christmas gift hacks like ”Secret Santa”. As opposed to everyone buying a gift for every member of the family, every member can be assigned to buy a gift for one member only. Using this gift hack controls expenditure on Christmas gifts without compromising anything including the fun and the importance of Christmas gifts.

4. Shop during odd hours: If you have to shop traditionally, do so during odd hours. Stores are usually full of shoppers during the festive season making it hard to spot good offers. It is, therefore, better to shop at night if there are many 24-hour shopping centres around you. The festive season has great deals which can save you a lot of money. You must, however, make a point of shopping differently to save the most. Remember, shopping during odd hours saves you time and time is money.

5. Track your spending: Impulse buying is one of the most common causes of overspending. Unfortunately, it is harder to control spending during the festive season due to an abundance of irresistible offers. To save money effectively during Christmas, you must stick to your budget and buy only those items you plan for. You should have an idea where every single cent you spend goes otherwise, you will not be able to avoid overspending.

6. Don’t compete with anyone: People also tend to overspend during the festive season by trying to compete with others i.e. ”keeping up with the joneses”. Just because your friend or neighbour bought something for himself or for his wife/children shouldn’t mean that you should buy the same thing. It takes a lot of discipline to avoid being influenced by other people’s expenditure during Christmas. You have to stick to your plan if you want your finances to be in check during and after the festive season. 


You don’t need to blow your budget to have a great festive season. You can follow the above tips to ensure you enjoy your Christmas celebrations without suffering financially. Planning thoroughly is a great place to start. You also need to think of shopping online, using popular Christmas gift hacks, shopping during odd hours, tracking your spending and sticking to your spending plan. Besides, Christmas isn’t about how much money you spend but the time you spend with loved ones. 

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