Smart Summer Holiday Tips for Parents

Summer is here with us! It’s that time when you need to take a break and soak in the sun, sand, and sea. Whatever your plans are, you need to make some considerations to avoid common mistakes. Summer holidays can be challenging especially when you have kids. Luckily, we have some smart summer tips for parents like you to consider.

No countdowns

We are fond of counting down the days to a holiday. Although many think this is a good practice to get everyone excited about the holiday, countdowns aren’t recommended for kids because they send a distorted message, i.e., they teach kids to focus on future happiness as opposed to current happiness. This shouldn’t be the case. It’s OK to build anticipation about an oncoming holiday; however, talking about what you will do, what it will be like is a better approach to appreciating the present and future moments.

Expensive summer holidays aren’t necessary

You don’t need a costly summer vacation with your family to enjoy the season. In fact, kids don’t really care if you are in the Bahamas or your backyard provided you are spending quality time with them. Happiness is closely related to relationships than money so focus on the memories you will make together during summer as opposed to the money you should spend. It is possible to have a memorable summer with your kids at home this year if funds don’t allow you to travel abroad. You can even travel locally and still have a lot of fun and priceless memories.

Plan meticulously

You’ll need to plan better when you are planning a summer holiday with your kids. Besides making basic travel plans, you need to plan further highlighting the activities you would like to engage in as a family. Creating such plans ensures there is no dull moment. You need to take a pen and paper and brainstorm with your kids about the fun summer activities they would like to engage in. When doing this, incorporate everything together, i.e., play dates and crafts without losing sight of what’s important.

Creating a to-do-list is important, but it can make your kids focus on the activity as opposed to who they will be doing it with. Making such a consideration will help your kids focus on what is really important. Kids prefer parents who can engage them in activities, so you should choose a slightly cluttered environment over a spotless one since it leaves room for you and your kids to engage in enriching activities together.

Don’t agree with all your kids’ requests

Kids can tell when you are in the spirit to attend to all their requests so don’t lose your guard completely. Spoiling your kids is good once in a while but accepting requests made for a lark isn’t a good idea. Remember, kids expect more when you give more so the requests will keep piling up if you don’t get your power back. Furthermore, feeling the pressure to meet all your kids’ demands is among the top reasons why family summer vacations end up being expensive. If you don’t want to survive on payday loans and credit card loans once you are back, make a conscious decision on the levels you are going to go for your kids.

Don’t laze around too much

Although summer is mostly about lazing around all day and soaking in the sun doing nothing for most people, kids need some adventure and physical activity on a daily basis. So, be intentional about adventures and engaging activities to keep your kids centered.

Relax and let go

As mentioned above, you need to plan meticulously, however, don’t be the uptight parent that gets annoyed about little things while on holiday. You are bound to meet many people during your holiday, and some may be annoying. It can also be overwhelming watching your kids in unfamiliar territory but relax and purpose to enjoy your time together as a family.

You don’t have to cringe when you think of traveling with your kids during summer. The holiday doesn’t have to be an expensive affair either that leaves you surviving with payday loans among other types of short term loans when it’s all over. If you take the time to plan everything without losing sight of what really matters, your family will enjoy summer 2018 more than any other summer holiday. As long as you are together as a family immersed in fun activities, summer is bound to be fun without “breaking the bank”.

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