Summary Of All Benefits Available In The UK – What Do I Qualify For? 

There are numerous benefits available for UK Citizens. The benefits can be summarised as; benefits for families, career & disability benefits, child benefits, death benefits, heating and housing benefits, Job seekers allowance & low income benefits and tax credit benefits.

Below is a summary of those benefits. 

1. Benefits for families

UK families are entitled to numerous benefits that range from free school meals to support services for families of military and defence personnel. Free school meals are available to school going children in the UK. Information on this benefit can be found by checking your local authority’s website.

Other benefits for families include;

• Care to learn: Helps childcare expenses while you study. You must be under 20 years to qualify for this benefit.

• Carer’s Credit: This benefit is available to individuals who care for someone for 20 hours or more a week.

• Child Trust Fund: This benefit is simply a long-term tax-free saving account for children.

• Childcare Grant: This benefit is simply a grant for full-time higher education students under 15 years.

Other benefits for families include;

guardian’s allowance, healthy start, maternity allowance, maternity pay & leave, parent’s learning allowance and sure start maternity grant. Military service men and women also get benefits if they are injured in service. Their families also qualify for special benefits.

2. Carers and disability benefits

There are numerous carers and disability benefits available in the UK. They include the access to work grant which pays for practical support for individuals with disability or health/mental conditions. Other benefits include; the bereavement support payment, ESA (Employment & support allowance), Jobseeker’s allowance and universal credit just to mention a few benefits. Carer and disability benefits are for individuals with disabilities as well as their carers.

3. Child benefit

This special benefit is given to individuals responsible for a child or children under 16 years or a child under 20 years if they are receiving approved education/training.

4. Death-related benefits

UK citizens also have access to death-related benefits such as widowed parent’s allowance, bereavement payment, funeral payment, war widow(er) pension and guardian’s allowance. These benefits are accorded to families to help them cope when a family member dies.

5. Heating and housing benefits

These benefits include winter fuel payment, cold weather payment, and the warm home discount. The benefits are passed over to UK households to help them cater for their heating and housing payments i.e. pay home heating bills during winter. UK households can also benefit from tax reductions, lower rent, etc. through heating and housing benefits. These benefits are usually accorded to low-income households as well as individuals who are unemployed in the UK.

6. Jobseeker’s allowance & low income benefits

As the name suggests, these benefits are given to individuals who are either seeking employment or in the low-income segment. Jobseeker’s allowance & low-income benefits include but aren’t limited to; constant attendance allowance, employment & support allowance, income support, In work credit, reduced earnings allowance, SMI (Support for Mortgage Interest) and pension credit.

7. Tax credits

UK citizens also get a variety of tax credits such as; child tax credit and working tax credit. Child tax credit is given to individuals responsible for children who are 16 years or less, under 20 if the children in question are in eligible education/training. Working tax credit is offered to individuals aged between 16 and 24 years who have a child. Individuals who are aged 25 and above can also qualify for a working tax credit with/without children. You must, however, fall below a certain income level and work for a specified number of hours weekly.

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