Top Energy-Saving Tips For Your Home in the UK

Top Energy-Saving Tips For Your Home in the UK

Your monthly energy bill may not seem like much . However, it adds up to a lot of money every year. The average monthly energy bill (depending on the house) ranges from £61 for a small house to £125 for a large house according to the latest statistics. Considering you don’t have to spend as much money as you do on energy bills, you can save plenty of money if you decide to become more energy conscious. It is possible to pay approximately half of what you normally pay by considering the energy saving tips below. Here’s what you need to do;

1. Switch off lights/appliances you don’t need: This is an obvious but commonly overlooked energy saving tip in most households in the UK and around the world. If you just switched off all the lights you don’t need at any given time in your home, you are bound to save some money every year. The same applies to appliances. You should switch off/unplug all appliances and chargers you don’t need at any given time to save energy. It’s worth noting that leaving appliances on standby isn’t enough. Most appliances must be turned off completely, otherwise they will continue consuming power. You can save approximately £50 (even more) per year by following this tip alone.

2. Switch to energy saving bulbs (LEDs): This is another great home energy saving tip to consider. Typical light bulbs consume up to 10 times more power than energy saving bulbs. Considering every household has plenty of bulbs, switching to LEDs will definitely lower your energy bill. Although energy saving bulbs are more expensive than typical light bulbs, the savings you stand to enjoy justifies the cost. Furthermore, LEDs produce light that is bright enough. Switching to LEDs costs approximately £100 for the average household however you stand to recoup your investment in less than a year.

3. Draught-proof your home: Most UK households spend the most electricity on heating. Draught proofing your home is an excellent way to ensure you don’t have to use home heating appliances for extended time periods. It’s worth noting that households lose heat via draughts around windows and doors. Blocking these gaps will ensure your home retains heat much longer during cold seasons reducing your energy bill in the process. Considering you stand to save £100+ annually and you don’t have to hire a professional to draught proof your home, this tip comes highly recommended.

4. Use energy efficient appliances: You can also save more on your energy bill by sticking to appliances which have been certified energy efficient i.e. Energy Star appliances. Such appliances have a blue Energy Star label. It’s easy to find Energy Star appliances in the UK so you shouldn’t have a problem implementing this tip. To avoid incurring huge costs initially, you can switch to Energy Star appliances gradually. Switching to an Energy Star appliance i.e. a fridge can save you up to £100 a year.

5. Transition to solar power: Solar power is the cheapest form of power available today. Although installing solar power in your home is costly, the saving you stand to enjoy in the long-term is significant given the fact that you will never have to pay any monthly energy bill going forward. Solar power also has other notable benefits i.e. it is cleaner/safer. To avoid incurring a huge initial cost, you can transition slowly i.e. install a solar water heater first since water heating contributes significantly to your monthly energy bill.


It is possible to reduce your monthly energy bill by more than 50% by taking the above measures. Obvious measures such as switching off lights and appliances you don’t need as well as using energy-efficient appliances go a long way in ensuring you pay only for the energy you need/use. Measures such as draught proofing your home will reduce your energy bill significantly during cold weather. To enjoy the greatest energy savings, in the long run, consider transitioning to solar power.
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