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Short term loans are loans offered to borrowers and usually repaid within a short period of time. For many years, people have always opted for short term loans to settle urgent bills. This is because; most short term loan lenders require less to no collateral when giving out loans. The good news is that, since the dawn of computer age, short term loans can be applied online within a few minutes. Here at swiftmoney.com, we lead you through all the processes on how to apply for a short term loan and offer you easy access loans depending on your needs. A short term loan is usually characterized by its flexibility since lenders may offer loans lasting a few days or months.

Finding the Best Short terms loans

When looking for the best short term loans you not only compare the Annual Percentage Rates but also other many details. You need to see if the payment schedule can be changed, the interest rates (if they are fixed or not), if installments are offered or whether they have a way of lowering the rates.

Looking for all these details before acquiring the short term loans will ensure that you get the best deal. A payday loan also fits the description of a short term loan. A payday loan is a short-term loan/cash advance unsecured loan. This means that it may not be linked to the borrowers’ payday. Payday loans can only be acquired by borrowers with an employment record.

Why do we need short term loans?

Short term loans are usually acquired to deal with emergencies. Emergencies happen every day and you may find yourself without cash at such moments. Short term loans come in handy. Other people use it to finance small projects. Borrowers might have their own reasons for acquiring the loans but the truth is short term loans are very important since they will save you when you really need the money. We are open to serve you at any time of the day. Therefore feel free to contact us no matter how urgent your case is. With swift money it is never too late to apply for a soft loan.

Why choose Swift Money?

You probably want to find out why you should choose us instead of other lenders out there. Instant payday loans (up to £2000) from Swift Money are offered to the borrowers. We have processed over 400,000 loan applications since we started in 2011. We have received many positive reviews from our customers who turn to us with financial issues. Other companies want you to clearly state what your loan is for but we do not require anything of that sort. We understand that our customers need short term loans for many reasons, some of which include settling bills and repairing home appliances.

We offer our customers high acceptance rates. The processing of the loan is pretty fast. We do not require a lot of information and the paperwork is very little since the whole process is done online. On approval, the short term loan is immediately deposited to your bank account. When we have your data you can be sure that no other person will have unauthorized access to it.

We have taken some measures to ensure that our customers get the best deals with short term loans. If you face difficulties during the time of loan repayment it is prudent to inform as for your own good. After contacting your lender he/she will advise you on the available options. An arrangement will be made to lessen the burden of repaying, though the interests on your loan will also go up. Failure to report your situation t the lender will prompt us to forward your details to the debt recovery agencies and you may end up losing a lot.

It is also wise to contact the lender if you feel that you will struggle to pay the loan on the given date. This will affect your credit score and also reduce your chances of getting credit when you borrow a loan in the future. When you fail to clear the loan on the pre-arranged date our lenders will contact you and inform you on the interests and charges to be applied. Another advantage of getting short term loans from us is our loans have no fees. We care for our customers and are ready to help you jump over any financial hurdle with the short term loans. If you need to apply you feel free to contact us at any time of the day.

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